Mythology / Folklore

In Search of Myths and Heroes
Wood, Michael
Romantic Fairy Tales - Penguin Classics
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von and Tieck, Ludwig and Fouque, Friedrich de la Motte and Brentano, Clemens, and Tully, Carol (editor)
Indian Tales and Legends
Gray, J. E. B. & Kiddell-Monroe (Illustrator)
The Great Deeds of Superheroes
Saxby, Maurice & Ingpen, Robert
Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology
Wilkinson, Philip
The City of the Dagger and Other Tales from Burma
Keely, H. H. & Price, Christine (Retold by)
The Illustrated Golden Bough
Frazer, James George and Douglas, Mary
Myth - A Very Short Introduction
Segal, Robert A.
Chronicles of King Arthur
Hopkins, Andrea
Myths of the Middle Ages
Baring-Gould, Sabine and Matthews, John (editor)
Journeys Through Dreamtime
Time Life Myths
A Field Guide to the Little People
Arrowsmith, Nancy & Moorse, George
Egyptian Legends and Stories
Seton-Williams, M V
The Power of Myth
Campbell, Joseph with Moyers, Bill
The Viking Gods - From Snorri Sturluson's Edda
Thorisson, Jon (editor) and Frolich, Lorenz and Petursson, Eggert (illustrators)
Introduction to Mythology
Spence, Lewis


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