Mythology / Folklore

77 Prague Legends
Jezkova, Alena
The British - Myths & Legends
Ebbutt, M. I.
The Quest for Merlin
Tolstoy, Nikolai
The Werewolf in Lore and Legend
Summers, Montague
The Vampire Lectures
Rickels, Laurence A
World Mythology - The Illustrated Guide
Willis, Roy (Editor)
Classical Myth, Fourth Edition
Powell, Barry B.
An Introduction to Greek Mythology
Bellingham, David
In Search of Myths and Heroes
Wood, Michael
Romantic Fairy Tales - Penguin Classics
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von and Tieck, Ludwig and Fouque, Friedrich de la Motte and Brentano, Clemens, and Tully, Carol (editor)
The Great Deeds of Superheroes
Saxby, Maurice & Ingpen, Robert
Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology
Wilkinson, Philip
The City of the Dagger and Other Tales from Burma
Keely, H. H. & Price, Christine (Retold by)
The Illustrated Golden Bough
Frazer, James George and Douglas, Mary


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