NZ Geology / Disasters

Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire - History in the Rocks, Fossils and Landforms of Auckland, Northland and Coromandel
Hayward, Bruce W. and Jamieson, Alastair (photography) and Morley, Margaret S. (drawings)
Land Environments of New Zealand - Nga Taiao O Aotearoa - A Technical Guide
Leathwick, John et al Morgan, Wilson, Rutledge, McLoed & Johnston
The New Zealand Weather Book
Brenstrum, Erick
Eiby, George A.
Caught in the Crunch
Ansell, Rebecca and Taber, John
Queenstown - A Geological Guide
Turnbull, I M and FOrsyth, P J
New Zealand Disasters
Grayland, Eugene C
Jade Country
Schoon, Theo


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