Psychology - Clinical Psychology

Proust was a Neuroscientist
Lehrer, Jonah
The Future of an Illusion
Freud, Sigmund
The Case of the Missing Body
Powell, Jenny
The Loss of Good Authority: The Cause of Deliquency
Pitt-Aikens, Tom and Ellis, Alice Thomas
Waking Dreams
Watkins, Mary
Sociocultural Perspectives in Social Psychology: Current Readings
Peplau, Letitia Anne and Taylor, Shelley E
Mental Representation: A Reader
Stich, Stephen P and Warfield, Ted A
Fear of Intimacy
Firestone, Robert W and Catlett, Joyce
Out of My Mind: Living with Manic Depression
Benjamin, Ben and Dougherty, Ian
Art-Based Research
McNiff, Shaun


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