Psychology - Clinical Psychology

Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion
Goldstein, Noah J. and Martin, Steve J. and Cialdini, Robert B.
Consciousness and Mind
Rosenthal, David M.
Laughter - A Scientific Investigation
Provine, Robert R
Freud for Beginners
Appignanesi, Richard and Zarate, Oscar
Three Seductive Ideas
Kagan, Jerome
Going Sane
Phillips, Adam
Mega - Teaching and Learning
Van Nagel, C and Reese, Maryann and Reese, Edward J and Siudzinski, Robert
Adventures with Time Lines
Bodenhamer, Bob G. and Hall, L. Michael
Sound Health - The Music and Sounds that Make Us Whole
Halpern, Steven with Savary, Louis


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