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Sciences - Palaeontology & Fossils / Evolution

Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age
Rudgley, Richard
What Evolution Is
Mayr, Ernest
The Social Conquest of Earth
Wilson, Edward O.
Origins - Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
Tyson, Neil DeGrasse and Goldmsith, Donald
Evolution: The Modern Synthesis
Huxley, Julian
Leakey, Richard E
Darwin For Beginners
Miller, Jonathan and Van Loon, Borin
Charles Darwin (Great Lives)
Chancellor, John
The Big Questions: Evolution
Ayala, Francisco J. and Blackburn, Simon (editor)
Desmond, Adrian & Moore, James
Charles Darwin - A New Life
Bowlby, John
Alas, Poor Darwin - Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology
Rose, Hilary and Rose, Steven (editors)
The Spark of Life - Darwin and the Primeval Soup
Wills, Christopher and Bada, Jeffrey


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