A Fine Romance - 75 Years of Royal Weddings
Du Plessis, Lisette (editor)
Part 1 of A Fine Romance is a sumptuous and majestic record of the unforgettable royal alliances and love stories that have defined our understanding of modern European royal families. These stories will be told primarily through the very best available photographs but will be complemented by an insightful illuminating text. From a glamorous and serene Grace Kelly, to a blushing and shy Lady Diana Spencer, this will be an extraordinarily comprehensive record of historic royal weddings, fairytale brides and handsome princes. Part 2 of A Fine Romance will be a luscious photographic chronicle of the wedding of the century, a wedding on which the hopes of the British monarchy rests. Showing William and Catherine's journey from engagement announcement to Westminster Abbey, it will be a richly illustrated romantic delight....
Second hand Hardback