Retreat from Glory
Lockhart, R.H. Bruce
Northumbria in Colour
Arthur, Carol
Historic Holy Island
Graham, Frank
Voyage into Danger - A Factual and Fascinating Account of a Shipwreck Adventure
Brown, Clara Lee and Brown, Condit D. (photography)
The Romans - From Village to Empire - A History of Rome from Earliest Times to the End of the Western Empire - Second Edition
Boatwright, Mary T and Gargola, Daniel J and Lenski, Noel and Talbert, Richard J A
High Hopes - A Lancashire Life
Hopkins, Billy
My Ireland
Dunsany, Lord
The Greek Polis - Readings in Western Civilization - Volume 1
Adkins, Arthur W.H. and White, Peter (editors)
Scale Model Sailing Ships
Bowen, John (editor)