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The Love of Roses - From Myth to Modern Culture
Rose, Graham and King, Peter and Squire, David
The Megalith Builders
MacKie, Euan
Iron-Age Farm - The Butser Experiment
Reynolds, Peter J.
Dr Johnson and Mr Savage
Holmes, Richard
Romance of the Sea
Parry, J.H. and National Geographic Society
The History of Shelter Island 1652-1952
Duvall, Ralph G. and Schladermundt, Jean L.
Iron Men, Wooden Women - Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World 1700-1920
Creighton, Margaret S and Norling, Lisa (editors)
Magnificent Voyagers - The US Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842
Viola, Herman J and Margolis, Carolyn (editors)
Cap'n George Fred
Tilton, George Fred and Neyland, Harry (illustrator)
Darwin and the Beagle
Moorehead, Alan
The Yankee Whaler
Ashley, Clifford W.
Christmas Island Naturally 2nd Edition
Gray, Howard S. and Clark, Rod