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Our Queen's Birthday hours on Monday 1 June are 12 till 6.

There are Covid-19 protocols in place to keep our staff and customers safe.

Please abide by these and please don't visit us if you are feeling unwell.

Please note, we will NOT be buying or exchanging books under Level 2.

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The Voyage of the Challenger
Linklater, Eric
Ahab's Trade - The Saga of South Seas Whaling
Mawer, Granville Allen
Whaling Industry of New London
Decker, Robert Owen
On the Altar of Freedom - A Black Soldier's Civil War Letters from the Front
Gooding, James Henry and Adams, Virginia M. (editor)
Steam Whaling in the Western Arctic
Bockstoce, John R.
The Road to Stalingrad - The Third Reich
Woodhead, Henry and Time-Life editors