Soldier: The Autobiography
Jackson, Mike
The Times Atlas of the Second World War
Keegan, John (editor)
My War - Killing Time in Iraq
Buzzell, Colby
Canada's House - Rideau Hall and the Invention of a Canadian Home
MacMillan, Margaret and Harris, Marjorie and Desjardins, Anne L. in conversation with Clarkson, Adrienne and Saul, John Ralston
Realties of American Foreign Policy
Kennan, George F.
Greece - From Mycenae to Parthenon
Stierlin, Henri
The Castles of Friuli - History and Civilization
Ulmer, Christopher & Affara, Gianni D.
Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - A Second Selection
Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow and Shaw, Bill Eglon (compiler)
Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - Photographer - A Selection of his Work
Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow and Shaw, Bill Eglon (compiler)