London - The SInister Side
Jones, Steve
The Truth Will Out - Unmasking the Real Shakespeare
James, Brenda and Rubinstein, William D.
The Crusades - A Very Short Introduction
Tyerman, Christopher
Dunnington, Jacqueline Orsini
Discovering Turkey
The Ministry of Tourism, Turkey
Pilger, John
French Dreams
Rothfeld, Steven (photography)
The Real Bravo Two Zero
Asher, Michael
A History of Rome
Cary, M. and Scullard, H.H.
WWII Air War - The Men, the Machines, the Missions
Siegel, Nan (editor) and the publishers of Aviation History
Fellow Travellers
Worsley, T.C.
Outliers - The Story of Success
Gladwell, Malcolm
A History of Civilizations
Braudel, Fernand