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Fifty Dead Men Walking - The Heroic True Story of a British Secret Agent Inside the IRA
McGartland. Martin

For more than four years Martin McGartland lived the remarkable double life of a secret agent. To the IRA, he was a trusted Intelligence Officer and an integral member of an active service unit. To the British Government, he was `Agent Carol.' He is credited by British Intelligence with saving the lives of at least fifty people. Every time he tipped off the authorities he risked detection and yet, heroically and fearlessly, he continued to pass on life-saving information. Finally his cover was blown. He was taken from Sinn Fein HQ in Belfast to an IRA safehouse for questioning and almost certain torture and execution. He showed remarkable calm and daring. Although guarded by three armed men, he dived, feet tied, from a third floor window in a desperate bid for freedom...

Second hand Paperback