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Peace Talks - The Dresden Files, Book 16

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Monty - A Life in Photographs - The Family, Life and Times of Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein 1887-1976
Montgomery, Brian
In bringing together this unique and wide-ranging collection of photographs, his brother Brian has created a new and often strikingly personal image of an acclaimed great man. Tracing the family background and illustrating it with some of the very first examples of the age of photography, Montgomery shows us Monty's celebrated ancestors - his Irish grandfather the long-serving Indian administrator Sir Robert Montgomery, his father Bishop Montgomery, distinguished maternal grandfather Dean Farrar, and their respective wives and homes in Ireland, England and Tasmania. We see the young Bernard growing up, his inexorable advancement in the Army, the First World War and interwar years, and his greatest triumphs, in North Africa, Italy and Western Europe, culminating in the German surrender on Luneberg Heath...
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