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Rising Sun Victorious - It Could Have Happened, and Nearly Did - An Alternative History of the Pacific War
Tsouras, Peter G. (editor)

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In war, victory can be held hostage to seemingly insignificant incidents ? chance events, opportunities seized or cast aside ? that can derail the most brilliant military strategies and change the course of history. What if the Japanese had conquered India and driven out the British? What if the strategic link between the United States and Australia had been severed? What if Vice Admiral Nagumo had launched a third attack on Pearl Harbour? What if the U.S. Navy?s gamble at Midway had backfired? Ten leading military historians ask these and other questions in this fascinating book. The war with Japan was rife with difficult choices and battles that could have gone either way. These fact-based alternate scenarios offer intriguing insights into what might have happened in the Pacific during World War II, and what the consequences would have been for America....

Second hand Paperback
9780345490162 or 9781632206428