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Kasserine - First Blood - The Battlefield Slaughter of American Troops by Rommel's Afrika Korps
Whiting, Charles

Dorset Press, 1984

The Americans had come with brass bands, banners and class A uniforms to seize North Africa from the Nazis. On St Valentine's Day 1943, 30,000 young and inexperienced American troops, under the command an elderly, opinionated general, faced up to an attack by Hitler's Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel, and his battle-hardened Afrika Korps. The result was predictable, a mass slaughter of American troops and devastation of its armour. Rommel left behind a shaken, confused, and deeply shamed American army and the whole Allied front in Africa on the verge of collapse. This is the full story of that massacre of youthful innocents, sacrificed by military incompetents...

Second hand Hardback