Baker - The Best of International Baking from Australian and New Zealand Professionals
Brettschneider, Dean and Jacobs, Lauraine and Scott, Kieran (photography)
There is nothing more tantalising than the aroma of freshly baked bread or the vision of a rich moist cake waiting to be cut into. Baker provides you with all the knowledge and inspiration required to create these wonderful temptations yourself. In this exciting new bakers' bible, award winning baker, Dean Brettschneider and internationally recognised food writer, Lauraine Jacobs present everything the home baker, professional baker or chef needs to know about breads, cakes and pastries.The reference section provides comprehensive information on basic principled, ingredients, techniques, equipment and formulas and gives the reader a thorough understanding of how and why baking works. The recipe section is made up of the best recipes from the best bakeries in Australia and New Zealand. This brilliant range of baking includes the new and innovative as well as traditional recipes...
Second hand Paperback