Due to Covid 19, Arty Bees is

now closed until further notice.


Including on-line shopping.


We’ll see you when things get back to normal.



Stay home and stay safe.


Bread: From Sourdough to Rye
Collister, Linda
Low Cholesterol Low Fat
France, Christine
La Boca Loca: Mexican Cooking for New Zealanders
Putnam, Lucas & Elliott, Marianne
Nopalito - A Mexican Kitchen
Guzman, Gonzalo with Adimando, Stacy
Under the Walnut Tree - Great Recipes from Our Kitchen
Bergenstrom, Anna and Bergenstrom, Fanny
Simply Good Food
Perry, Neil
The Love and Lemons Cookbook
Donofrio, Jeanine and Mathews, Jack (photography)


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