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Art History

The Write/here Project
Newitt, James and Phillips, Justy
A History of British Art
Graham-Dixon, Andrew
Principles of Art History Writing
Carrier, David
Early Medieval Art
Nees, Lawrence
The Cubist Epoch
Cooper, Douglas and Phaidon
The Parthenon Frieze
Neils, Jenifer
Primitivism in 20th Century Art
Rubin, William (ed)
Paul Gauguin - An Erotic Life
Matthew, Nancy Mowll
The Panorama - History of a Mass Medium
Oettermann, Stephan
Frederic Church, Winslow Homer and Thomas Moran - Tourism and the American Landscape
Bloemink, Barbara and Burns, Sarah and Davidson, Gail S. and Marling, Karal Ann and McCarron-Cates, Floramae and the Smithsonian
Renaissance Art and Architecture
Campbell, Gordon
Futurism - World of Art
Tisdall, Caroline and Bozzolla, Angelo
The Art of Colonial Latin America
Bailey, Gauvin Alexander
Art of the Byzantine Era
Rice, David Talbot
Romanticism and Art  - World of Art
Vaughan, William


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