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Art History

1000 Masterpieces of European Painting
Stukenbrock, Christiane and Topper, Barbara
Jewish Art
Grossman, Grace Cohen
Ars Erotica
Lucie-Smith, Edward
Graham-Dixon, Andrew
The Lens of Impressionism - Photography and Painting Along the Normandy Coast, 1850-1874
McNamara, Carole and University of Michigan Museum of Art
British Sporting Prints
Roberts-Cadfryn, John (editor)
Seduced: Art & Sex from Antiquity to Now
Wallace, Marina & Kemp, Martin & Bernstein, Joanne
The British Thoroughbred 1700 - 1850
Orchard, Vincent
Sexuality in Western Art
Lucie-Smith, Edward
The Collage Handbook
Digby, Joan
Impressionist Gardens
Willsdon, Clare A.P.
A World History of Art
Honour, Hugh and Fleming, John
Art in Theory 1900-1990 - An Anthology of Changing Ideas
Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul (editors)
The World's Greatest Art
Belton, Robert
English Painting
Gaunt, William
A Medieval Flower Garden
Fordham, David (designer)
Guernica - The Making of a Painting
Puente, Joaquin de la
New York Dada 1915-23
Naumann, Francis M.


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