Ships / Sea Transport

Clipper Ships
MacGregor, David R.
Square Rigged Sailing Ships
MacGregor, David R.
Deepwater Family
Duncan, Fred B.
The Tall Ships 1986 Collector's Edition
Liberman, Cy and Liberman, Pat
New England and the Sea
Robert, G. Albion & Baker, William A.& Labaree, Benjamin Woods
The Log of the Skipper's Wife
Balano, James W.
My Voyage in the United States Frigate "Congress"
Van Denburgh, Elizabeth Douglas
A Sea Trip In Clipper Ship Days
Bray, Mary Matthews
Men, Ships, and the Sea
Villiers, Alan et al and National Geographic Society
Iron Men, Wooden Women - Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World 1700-1920
Creighton, Margaret S and Norling, Lisa (editors)


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