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Colonial Style - Pioneer Buildings of New Zealand
Colonial Style - Pioneer Buildings of New Zealand
Fearnley, Charles
The Bush Press, 1986 edition, good condition New Zealand's distinctive pioneer building style is explored in the photographs and text of architect and historian Charles Fearnley. This survey of colonial architecture will prove a wonderful resource for people who like old-style buildings, including home renovators, local historians, builders, architects and students. Fearnley has photographed buildings in many parts of the country. His pictures and text explore the variations of individual builders. The book celebrates the great variety of design and decoration which distinguishes Colonial style. In particular the text shows how the English traditione of building in stone were adapted to the timber houses of New Zealand and their decoration. The photographs lovingly reveal the design of the window and door, verandahs, and roof details, along with the decoration of fences and other features of the colonial home...
Second hand Paperback

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