Buildings of New Zealanders
Buildings of New Zealanders
Fowler, Michael
Following the outstanding success of THE NEW ZEALAND HOUSE comes BUILDINGS OF NEW ZEALANDERS - a logical sequel that looks at the buildings where New Zealanders spend their time when they are not at home. Like 'The House', this book is a celebration and, in a small way, a record of New Zealand's architectural heritage. It is not, and doesn't purport to be, a definitive work but hopefully will engage the attention of those with some interest in the buildings, large or small, by which this island community expresses itself. For here Michael Fowler guides the reader through the cities, the towns, and the countryside to discover, in an architectural sense, 'where New Zealand is at'. In his inimitable way he takes us to those places where we work, worship, play or ponder and invites us to look at some of the buildings which reflect not only society's criteria in their design, construction and utility but also a society's aspirations. Also like 'The House', BUILDINGS OF NEW ZEALANDERS is a personal view based on the author's drawing-board background, acute powers of observation, enormous enthusiasm and, above all, a deep love for his profession. The superb photography of Robert van de Voort and Conrad Sims combine with Michael Fowler's delightful literary style to make this book a facinating and sometimes provocative study of New Zealand's public buildings. - from the inside cover. Published by Lansdowne-Rigby, 1984. Good secondhand condition, with slight wear on the back of the dust-jacket.
Second hand Hardback

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