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The Indian Army - The Garrison of British Imperial India 1822-1922 - Historic Armies and Navies
Heathcote, T.A.

David & Charles, 1974

The Indian Army covers the century during which a force of 75,000 British soldiers and 150,000 Indian troops unedr British officers, held India for the British - a sub continent of 1,600,000 square miles with a population of some 400 millions. It begins with the establishment of British paramouncy in 1822 after the defeat of Napoleon and ends when progress towards Indian self-government was well under way. It deals with aspects of the Indian Army which previous histories have either glossed over or neglected completely. These include the constitutional position of the army in British India, and the structure of itsw high command; the organization and order of batttle not only of the fighting units, but also of the supporting arms and the reserves; and the influence of British and Indian social, economic and political factors on the selection of the army's officers and men...

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