Buildings to Enjoy
Martin, Lewis E.
Lewis Martin has assembled over 100 of his precise and evocative drawings celebrating New Zealand buildings he has enjoyed experiencing in one or other of the myriad possible ways. They range over a period of 170 years and a span of southern latitudes extending from that of the Sahara to that of Austria in the north. New Zealand's long narrow islands with mountainous backbones create characteristic weather patterns of near-continuous wind, frequent heavy rain, and frequent spells of limpid skies and powerful sun. This temperate but theatrical climate combines with earthquakes, steep topography, and abundant timber to influence the national character of our buildings. Add economic, social and cultural constraints, and our built heritage has a flavour as distinctive as that of our speech. Yet there is also a great diversity in our buildings, remarkable in view of our small population and our short history since European settlement. Like all buildings everywhere, ours arise from an interplay of the ideas, commitment, and skills of owners, designers and builders, and accurately reflect the society from which they emerged.
Second hand Paperback