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The Indian Army
Mollo, Boris

Blandford Press, 1981

The Indian Army holds a particular fascination for the public at large. The interest stems from its colourful uniforms, the romantic terrain in which it operated and the lifestyle of its British officers. It is, furthermore, a closed episode in history, ripe for review and reappraisal. The Indian Army had an involved history. For 100 years, between the mid 18th and mid 19th centuries, the British expanded their jurisdiction throughout the sub-continent. As new territories were conquered, its soldiers were assimilated, first as irregular troops and then, as their loyalty to the Raj was proved, as regular regiments, which gave great service to the mother-country in two World Wars. This book traces its history and illustrates the more interesting and significant uniforms from the early sepoys through to Skinner's Horse, the regiment raised by an Anglo-Indian which provided a meeting-place for thecavalry drill of Europe and the exotic horsemanship of the East; and the Gurkhas, the wiry little mountain warriors, who still survive in the British Army as a reminder of days of Empire. The book also contains an important section, hitherto unavailable, which shows the changes of title and status of Indian Regiments, including details of successor units which were formed in the Indian and Pakistan Armies in 1947...

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