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My Dad is a Tahniwha
O'Connor, Frank & Spike

Fred, a new-born taniwha, tells us about his world from before the time he hatches from his egg. He learns about food, flying, fear and fun. Fred finds he was given life to grow and learn, to mix and test, and to respect the ways of others as he goes. Join Fred in his adventures, chasing a volcano-fish in the sea, climbing a tree for poisonberries or swimming through clouds to see who comes out the most wet. With a picture and a poem each, the chapters are brief and suited for reading aloud - one each week for a year - or for intermediate readers reading alone. Through the tale, taniwha continue their role as guardians of places and of caring for living things that belong in a place. How better to live life than with love, laughter and a lick?

Second hand Paperback

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