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Bianca De Lumiere - The Re'em Prophecy Book One
Bianca De Lumiere - The Re'em Prophecy Book One
Prende, Lisette
Sixteen-year-old Bianca Taylor just wants to be a normal teenager but normal has never come naturally to her. Not only is she known as the Albino of Pentacle High, but Bianca is also an auric-empath; able to see and feel the colourful auras of those around her. To make matters worse Bianca has started sleepwalking; waking to find herself naked in the forest, with visions of demonic beasts fresh in her mind. At first, she sees her nighttime wanderings as harmless. But when a local rancher goes missing, after a run of gruesome cattle killings, Bianca starts to fear for her safety. A handsome stranger appears in town, telepathically warning Bianca that she is in danger. But does he also hold the answers to who, and what, she really is?
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