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New Science Fiction

Cherryh, J C
Cherrhy, C J
Where the Drowned Girls Go
McGuire, Seanan
God Emperor of Dune (Dune 4)
Herbert, Frank
The Shadow of the Gods
Gwynne, John
Sanderson, Brandon
The Witcher Boxed Set
Sapkowski, Andrzej
Shusterman, Neal and Jarrod
The Book of Accidents
Wendig, Chuck
Game Changer
Shusterman, Neal
Challenger Deep
Shusterman, Neal
Bone Silence - Revenger Book 3
Reynolds, Alistair
The Broken Earth Trilogy
Jemisin, N. K.
Reynolds, Alastair
Truth of the Divine (Axiom 2)
Ellis, Lindsay
Count Zero (Sprawl 2)
Gibson, William
Mona Lisa Overdrive (Sprawl 3)
Gibson, William
Burning Chrome
Gibson, William
A Radical Act of Free Magic
Parry, H. G.


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