New Science Fiction

Someone Like Me
Carey, M R
Into the Mist
Murray, Lee
Green, Simon R.
Sword of Destiny: Tales of The Witcher
Sapkowski, Andrzej
Metal Swarm  (Saga of the Seven Suns 6)
Anderson, Kevin J
Esslemont, Ian C
Hearne, Kevin
American Gods
Gaiman, Neil
Live and Let Drood
Green, Simon R
From a Drood to a Kill
Green, Simon
Magic For Nothing (Incryptid 6)
McGuire, Seanan
Red Sister
Lawrence, Mark
The Last one
Oliva, Alexandra
Torch of Freedom
Weber, David and Flint, Eric C.
Forward the Foundation
Asimov, Isaac
1636: The Devil's Opera
Flint, Eric
Cauldron of Ghosts
Weber, David and Flint, Eric


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