New Science Fiction

Hounds of the Underworld - The Path of Ra Book One
Rabarts, Dan & Murray, Lee
The Edge of Worlds
Wells, Martha
The Clockwork Dagger
Cato, Beth
The Harbors of the Sun
Wells, Martha
Persepolis Rising
Corey, James
Garber, Stephanie
The Science of Discworld
Pratchett, Terry & Stewart, Ian & Cohen, Jack
Ignite the Shadows
Seymour, Ingrid
Zombie Survival Manual
Page, Sean T.
A Time of Dread
Gwynne, John
The Long Utopia
Pratchett, Terry
Into the Drowning Deep
Grant, Mira
A Plague of Swords
Cameron, Miles
The Fall of Dragons
Cameron, Miles
The Fell Sword
Cameron, Miles
The Dread Wyrm
Cameron, Miles


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