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Peace Talks - The Dresden Files, Book 16

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One People - Many Journeys
Lonely Planet
Glass and Pottery - Arts and Crafts Movement - Centuries of Style
Haworth-Maden, Clare (editor) and Grange Books
The Arts and Crafts Movement - World of Art
Cumming, Elizabeth and Kaplan, Wendy
Eighteenth-Century French Furniture
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
Collection of Paper-Cut
Changsheng, Liang
Art Nouveau
Lahor, Jean
Harper's Bazaar Australia - Australian Style
Huckbody, Jamie (editor) and Harper's Bazaar
Love - A Celebration of Humanity
M.I.L.K and Phuc, Kim (prologue)
Mud and Colour Man - The Morris & James Story
Morris, Anthony & Charlton, Nick & Reardon, Barbara
Masterpieces of World Ceramics
Liefkes, Reino & Young, Hilary
Seni Kriya - The Crafts of Indonesia
Ave, Joop and Achjadi, Judi (editors)
Oceanic Art - World of Art
Thomas, Nicholas
Renoir, Life and Works
Joannides, Paul
Impressionists and their Art
Ash, Russell (Time Warner)
The Art and Technique of Pate de Verre
Tokyo Glass Art Institute - Yoshimizu, Tsuneo (Editor)