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The New Urban Frontier - Urbanisation and City Building in Australasia and the American West
Frost, Lionel

NSW University Press, 1991

Late last century a New Urban Frontier moved across the cityscapes of Australia, New Zealand and the American West. It provided a safe and clean, though sprawling alternative to the crowded, European-style cities which had hitherto dominated the New World. The newer, low-density cities ,including Melbourne, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Auckland, avoided the physical and social problems associated with traditional, m ore congested cities, such as large slums, public health crises, and high fire rick. This book compares the growth and building of cities in North America, Australasia and Britain and argues that only by comparative work can wider trends be detected and a better understanding of individual cities be achieved. Frost examines the way open spacious cities emerged in high-income regions where effective and widespread public transport patterns were developed, and how these early patterns of development continue to exert a profound influence on the economic and social problems faced by new frontier cities...

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