Hist, Geog - Australian

The River
Newell, Patrice
The Streets of Sydney
Brodsky, Isadore
Duchess - The Story of the Windsor Hotel
Spicer, Chrystpher J.
Charters Towers - A Street Walk
Brumby, Michael
Historic Towns of Australia
Cox, Philip & Stacey, Wesley
Moorhouse, Geoffrey
Sydney - The Harbour City
Kingsmill, John and Rigby, Jeff (paintings)
Images of Armidale
Gilbert, Lionel (text) and Hope, Dennis (illustrations) and Mulquiney, Colin (photography)
Sydney Builds an Opera House
Ziegler, Oswald L. (editor) and Dupain, Max (photography) and Boothroyd, Arthur (illustrations)
The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka
Wright, Clare


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