Mountaineering / Skiing / Climbing

Dark Shadows Falling
Simpson, Joe
Touching My Father's Soul - In the Footsteps of Tenzing Norgay
Norgay, Jamling Tenzing and Coburn, Broughton
Sir Edmund Hillary and the People of Everest
Ramsay, Cynthia Russ and Keiser, Anne B
Castles in the Air
Temple, Philip
Over the Whitcombe Pass
Lauper, Jakob & Pascoe, John (Editor)
Tenzing and the Sherpas of Everest
Tenzing, Judy and Tashi
Savage Arena
Tasker, Joe
Mr. Explorer Douglas
Pascoe, John (Ed)
The High Alps of New Zealand
Green, W. S.
Forerunners to Everest - The Story of the Two Swiss Expeditions of 1952
Dittert, Rene & Chevalley, Gabriel & Lambert, Raymond
The Everest Years - A Climber's Life
Bonington, Chris
View from the Summit
Hillary, Edmund
High in the Thin Cold Air
Hillary, Edmund & Doig, Desmond
7 Summits Solo (Seven Summits Solo)
Anderson, Robert Mads


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