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NZ History / General

Toys of Early New Zealand
Armstrong, Peggy and Jackson, Denise
The New Zealand Scholar
Beaglehole, J C
Horncastle's Hero or Hell Raiser
Horncastle, Graeme
New Zealanders and the Sea
Bateman, David (publishers)
The Story of New Zealand
Bassett, Judith & Sinclair, Keith & Stenson, Marcia
They Sailed With Cook
Johnson, Marguerite
The Kauri Gumdiggers
Reed, Sir Alfred
The Goyen Family Scrapbook
Goyen, Robert, Goyen, Lois & Goyen, Brian
Pathfinders in New Zealand
Hogg, Garry
James Cook and New Zealand
Begg, A. C & N. C.
Sanders, Kurt; with a Foreword by Holmes, Paul
At The Beach: The Great New Zealand Holiday
Barnett, Stephen & Wolfe, Richard
Know Your South Island Places
Riley, Murdoch


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