War - WW2

Battles of WWII
Cawthorne, Nigel
The Library of Congress World War II Companion
Kennedy, David M (editor)
Wave Me Goodbye and Hearts Undefeated Omnibus
Boston, Anne and Hartley, Jenny (editors)
The Time of My Life - Entertaining the Troops - Her Wartime Journals
Grenfell, Joyce and Roose-Evans, James (editor)
Dear Heart
Davis, Jenny
They Tied a Label on My Coat
Hollingsworth, Hilda
Battle Order 204 - A Bomber Pilot's Story
Mattingley, Christobel
Shurik - A Story of the Siege of Leningrad
Wayne, Kyra Petrovskaya
Keeping Mum - A Wartime Childhood
Thompson, Brian
Sparrow - A Chronicle of Defiance
McLachlan, Grant
Island Fighting - World War Two series
Steinberg, Rafael and Time Life editors
Russia Besieged - World War Two series
Bethell, Nicholas William and Time Life editors


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