War - WW2

Dunkirk - Retreat to Victory
Thompson, Julian
Battle of Britain
Franks, Norman
Hitler's Last Gamble - The Battle of the Ardennes
Nobecourt, Jacques and Barry, R.H. (translator)
The Dam Busters
Brickell, Paul
Greatest Battles of World War II - Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, Midway, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Okinawa
Franks, Norman and Willmott, H.P. and Barker, A.J. and Young, Peter and Pimlott, John
The Road To War
Overy, Richard with Andrew Wheatcroft
Air War Italy 1944-1945 - The Axis Air Forces from the Liberation of Rome to the Surrender
Beale, Nick & D'Amico, Ferdinando & Valentini, Gabriele
The Air War in Europe - 1940-1945 - World War Two series
Bailey, Ronald H. and Time Life editors


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